Quality Raw Materials

Testing and high-tech instrumentation are wasted investments without quality raw materials. With more than 1,400 products, NOW’s success has hinged in part on our ability to source and secure quality raw materials. The strong, long-term relations we’ve developed with key suppliers give us unsurpassed purchasing power and the bulk quantity price breaks we enjoy are passed on to our customers in the form of affordable everyday pricing.

NOW uses many trademarked ingredients in our products and we clearly identify these ingredients on our product labels. These ingredients have undergone comprehensive clinical and analytical testing and offer a level of evaluation superior to that of standard ingredients. Finished products containing trademarked ingredients are randomly assayed by the trademark owner to ensure these products are properly manufactured and labeled and that the finished product meets the stringent requirements for the use of their ingredient.

Freshness Guarantee

NOW goes to great lengths to ensure the freshness of our products. Natural products are susceptible to damage from oxygen, light, heat and moisture, so we utilize a variety of contemporary methods to preserve freshness.

Ageless® Oxygen Absorbers

During production an Ageless® Oxygen Absorber packet is inserted into many NOW® products. These packets absorb oxygen and help to control humidity throughout the life of the product. NOW was one of the first industry manufacturers to recognize the importance of protecting natural products from the damaging oxidative effects that occur from oxygen exposure.

Gas Flushing

Another method we use to control oxygen exposure is gas flushing (typically a blend of carbon dioxide and nitrogen gases). During the package filling process the gas is rapidly injected into the package to expel oxygen prior to sealing. Gas flushing offers the additional benefit of preserving the beneficial properties of many natural products. This freshness preservation method is typically used for food products, such as nuts and seeds, that are susceptible to oxidation.


Desiccants are used to absorb moisture during packaging and control moisture until the package is opened by the end user. Desiccants are included in many NOW® products. For products that are highly sensitive to moisture we use a stronger desiccant called a molecular sieve, particularly for probiotic products with live organisms that require a moisture-free environment to survive.

Product-Specific Packaging

Packaging is the front-line of defense against light, heat, moisture and oxygen. Without quality packaging that’s suited to individual products all other efforts to ensure product freshness are doomed to fail. For instance, PETE plastic bottles work well for the majority of our products, but some probiotic supplements maintain their freshness and efficacy longer when packaged in dark glass bottles. NOW utilizes a wealth of technical data to help us choose the best packaging for each product we produce.

Climate-Controlled Storage

Understanding the unique storage conditions required for natural product ingredients and finished goods is an important aspect of freshness. We’ve researched the specific climate requirements for each ingredient we purchase and product we produce and store our materials appropriately to ensure freshness and efficacy through the “Best By” date.

Support & Services

Our quality processes aren’t just about product quality. They also entail quality service and support for those who sell and use NOW® products. NOW’s Customer Service department and Nutrition group provide key services such as addressing product and ingredient questions, providing nutritional advice from certified staff nutritionists, tracking in-transit shipments and more. We also offer convenient online ordering options, an online Store Finder to direct consumers to stores, one of the most comprehensive and informative websites in the industry and a variety of marketing support tools.